Want a great way to promote your Karaoke night?

With our product, singers can find your venue, and view your songbook via an App on their phone or tablet (iOS or Android). They can search by Title, Artist or even via a fuzzy search function. Once they find the song they want, they simply tap on it, add a key change request (if they want) and submit. This request is then sent to the Host. They can even add a tip to their request.

Why would you want your singers to spend an hour reading through a book when they can do it in minutes on their phone?

Our App uses a geo-location map to pinpoint every Karaoke venue that has subscribed. Singers can just open the App and they can instantly find exactly where the nearest venue is.

The map will show a pin for each Karaoke location. When they tap on the pin, it will give Singers some options in relation to that venue. It can show them information about the show including the days and times Karaoke is available. It can tell them who the Host is, some images in relation to the venue and it can even give them directions on how to get there.

Tap on a button and Singers can then see the songbook. From there, the features available are huge. Check out our list of features to find out more.