What Can I Sing Host Features

Karaoke Hosting Made Effortless with These Cutting-Edge Features!

(Host app is required - see below)

Multiple Songbooks

Hosts can create 1 songbook that they use in every venue or create a different one for each venue, including specialty songbooks.

Timings Control

Hosts can pre-set the timings of when they take requests and add additional time to start taking requests prior to the show starting.

Request Management

Hosts can receive, accept, or decline requests, with the option to provide reasons and manipulate the order of requests.

Venue Passwords

Hosts can set different passwords for each venue, ensuring access control.

Missing Song Requests

Hosts can receive and respond to new song requests, with the option to enable or disable this feature.

Request Rotation

Hosts can customize the order of song requests to match their preferred rotation.


Hosts can send "you're up next" messages to singers, improving communication.

Queue Position Display

Hosts can choose to allow singers to see their position in the request queue.

Account Verification

Singers must have unique phone numbers and email addresses, reducing fake requests.

Clear Text Display

Text-based song requests ensure clarity and eliminate handwriting issues.

Accurate Song Information

Hosts can rely on accurate song information, avoiding song mix-ups.

Enhanced Interaction

The app's speed allows hosts to interact more personally with patrons.

Digital Songbooks

Eliminate the need for printed songbooks, updates, and repairs.

Custom Acknowledgement Messages

Hosts can add custom messages to the song request acknowledgement screen.

Kiosk Mode

Provide dedicated kiosks without additional app downloads, simplifying singer interactions.


Hosts can access data on singer numbers, song counts, unique users, and returning singers.

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